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  • Bedrooms, Lounge room & Dining room

          √ Clean Wardrobe mirrors; Skirting boards and electric switches

          √ Clean all Internal windows & sills; door marks.

          √ Dusting blinds

          √ Vacuum & Mop floors

          √ Cobwebs removal

          √ Steam clean carpet (Option)

          √ Bathroom / Toilet / Laundry

          √ Bath cleaned and rinsed. Clean Shower screen; Basin; Mirror; Toilet bowl; Taps cleaned; Exhaust fans.

          √ Vacuum & mop floors

          √ Remove cobwebs

          √ Kitchen

          √ Clean stove, range hood including filter and oven; Bench top; Cupboards & drawers inside and out; Sink and taps.

          √ Vacuum & mop floors

          √ Dusting Blinds

          √ Remove cobwebs

  • Optional Extra Cleaning Service:

    √ External widows cleaned (for single-storey house only)

          √ Outside Cobwebs removed

          √ Wall cleaned

          √ Balcony cleaned

          √ Garage sweep

          √ Appliances cleaned

          √ Furniture cleaned or wiped

♦Our Guarantee:

♦We provide a receipt.

♦We provide 100% bond refund guarantee for end of lease cleaning services. If agency is not satisfied with our cleaning results, fast response guaranteed and free of charge.



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