Services include: homes, offices, restaurants, schools, gyms, hospitals, banks and other places carpet cleaning. Use the new high-power professional carpet machines, pressure is the biggest market, to design the most advanced push the machine. Output 1200psi water pressure, comes with heating function, is a common carpet cleaning machines six times each with two motors 1200w powerful suction, easy to deal with all kinds of dirt on the carpet grease to make your carpet look. 

Cleaning steps and criteria: 

Step 1: spray disinfectant detergent solution in stain stained area, wait until about 5 minutes, until the stain is dissolved syrup. 

Step 2: heating water into the machine, while mixing potions or washing powder. 

Step 3: Use the machine head on the carpet spray high pressure water jet and push cleaning, use powerful suction machine suction machine to stains and dirty dirty sink, restore carpet color. 

Step 4: The inside of the machine dirty dirty water tank discharge, inspection, completed.


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